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The helicopters in our fleet can carry up to 6 passengers per helicopter. This number may be affected depending on passenger weights and operating conditions.
However, for groups we can use several helicopters working simultaneously or make several trips as needed.

Hand luggage is allowed. Additional suitcases or packages may also be carried as long as the authorized weights for each helicopter are met, depending on the total number of passengers and operating conditions.

For operational reasons, there is a maximum weight per passenger and in any case the maximum weight authorized for each helicopter must never be exceeded.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit or debit card. In the event that the card is chosen as a means of payment, it will be necessary to fill in the card payment authorisation that will be sent when the reservation is made and will be sent by e-mail, completed and signed, together with a photocopy of the passport or ID card/identifying document of the cardholder.

Payment is made at the time of booking.

The Mach Helicopters department will contact passengers as soon as possible if the case arises to either cancel the flight or offer an alternative date for the flight.

We accept pets during flights as long as they comply with the rules of the company's operations manual.

For safety reasons, pregnant persons may fly under their own responsibility and always under medical supervision, with the duty to inform the company at the time of booking.

It is allowed to fly with children as long as they are older than two years and are accompanied by an adult who will act as its responsible.