Preventive measures Covid-19

Covid Free

Mach Helicopters offers exhaustive cleaning and disinfection measures for the areas that are in contact with travellers, to create a safe and infection-free environment in which our passengers feel protected at all times.

Pre-flight measurements

helicopter helmet

Disinfection protocol

We carry out a protocol of disinfection and thorough cleaning of the passenger cabin of our helicopters using cleaning products with appropriate biocides to destroy, counteract or neutralize viruses, especially coronavirus.

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Cleaning with ozone

We use ozone generators to disinfect the interior of the helicopter and all contact areas.

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Non-Shared Items

We guarantee the unique use of headphone and microphone sleeves with disposable covers.

Measurements before shipment

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  • All passengers will have their body temperature taken before the flight to ensure that there is no risk of having contracted the coronavirus.
  • Passengers will be asked about their health status to ensure that they are well and do not have any symptoms compatible with coronavirus.
  • A mask will be provided for use during the flight, provided that the passengers are not living in the same household.
  • All passengers must disinfect their hands with hydroalcoholic gel provided by the crew.

Safety and protection of our crew and ground staff

  • Every day we take the body temperature of all our staff.
  • Frequent hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel, as well as the use of a mask at all times are mandatory for our staff.
covid free