Helicopter flights to hunting grounds

Spain has always been a country with an ancient tradition in hunting activity and is considered among the best hunting places in the world, attracting hunters from all corners of the globe due to its orography, its climate and some species that are considered unique in the world.

The Spanish territory has almost 44 million hectares destined for big and small game, of which almost 27,000 hectares correspond to private hunting grounds located mainly in Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura and Andalusia.
Many of these private properties have a special charm because of their landscapes, their species or because they are located in unique places or in the vicinity of a National Park.

Traditional hunting modality in Spain has been the montería for centuries, a modality that requires an exhaustive organization to be practised, and the driven red partridge shoots, which is one of the most important hunting activities worldwide.

Helicopter transfer services to private hunting grounds

Mach Helicopters offers you its exclusive helicopter transfer services from any heliport or airport to private hunting grounds, as well as direct connection with private or regular flights.

We manage the collection of passengers directly from the airports and heliports runways on the arrival of private flights to optimize your schedule and turn your hunting days into a more pleasant experience as an ideal alternative to long and tiring road trips.

Privacy, discretion, punctuality and personalized service are values that characterize us.