Agusta 109 Power Elite

Engine Bi-turbine

Capacity Crew + 6/7 passengers

Crew 1-2 pilots

Altitude service 10,000 feet

Speed 300 km/h

Dimension 13 meters

Weight 2,850 kg

Interior equipment White leather

Emergency floats


Night flights

Retractable undercarriage

Air Conditioning and Heating

USB charger

Drinks and snacks on board

Helicopter model Agusta 109 Power Elite

The AW109E Power Elite is a bi-turbine helicopter model developed by the Italian company AgustaWestland for civil and military use.

Está fully instrumented for IFR flight, including a three-axis autopilot, a retractable landing system, various navigation and weather radar systems, altimeter radar and TCAS.altimetric radar and TCAS.

It is a very versatile helicopter, suitable for use both in urban areas and in areas of difficult access thanks to its high power, powered by two new generation Pratt & Whitney engines with fully automatic control. 

With these premises, the helicopter reaches a maximum speed of 310 kilometres per hour, while the cruising speed is 285 kilometres per hour. It has a climb speed (VY) of 9.8 meters per second and a service ceiling of 10,000 feet. As for its fuel range, it has a maximum range of 965 kilometers or 3 hours.

Why choose the Augusta 109 Power Elite

In short, for its technical characteristics, for its speed, for its handling and for the agility of its mechanics, the Agusta A109 Power Elite can be considered as the sports car of the air.

It has a spacious, elegant and very comfortable cabin with capacity for 6-7 passengers. It is equipped with air conditioning / heating, and Bosé A20 headphones with soundproofing system.

The cabin stands out for its great habitability and for the comfort provided by the seats, upholstered in the best white leather and with a very comfortable viscoelastic covering that has been exclusively designed to offer maximum comfort.

The load compartments are very well utilised. There is a main luggage compartment, completely separate from the cab and with a capacity of approximately three cubic metres by 2.3 metres in length. 

It is equipped with emergency floats that allow you to fly over the water with maximum safety.

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