Engine Bi-turbine

Capacity Crew + 5/6 passengers

Crew 1-2 pilots

Altitude service 10,000 feet

Speed 310km/h

Dimension 15 meters

Weight 3.175 kg

Interior equipment Leather

Emergency floats


Night flights

Retractable undercarriage

Air Conditioning and Heating

USB charger

Drinks and snacks on board


The AgustaWestland AW109S Grand (also known as the A109 Grand or simply Agusta Grand) originally entered service in 2005. Since then it has been used in a variety of roles, corporate/VIP transfers, light transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue, including military roles.

It is a light multipurpose helicopter, bi-turbine and has the capacity to accommodate 5-6 passengers, built by the Anglo-Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland.

This helicopter has been developed from the AgustaWestland AW109 model making the cabin wider by approximately one and a half meters, and the main rotor blades with aerodynamic improvements.

The Agusta Grand is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207C engines, while its predecessor AW109E has two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C engines. 


On board this aircraft passengers will enjoy the flight with the highest levels of comfort, thanks to its spacious cabin with very comfortable and wide leather seats, and which has a refrigerator between the seats on one side and an armrest module.

The helicopter reaches a maximum speed of 310 kilometers per hour, and with a quiet, low-vibration ride.

There is a main luggage compartment, completely separate from the cabin and with a capacity of approximately three cubic metres.

The Grand design combines state-of-the-art avionics with excellent outward visibility thanks to the large dual windows, making it ideal for travel where comfort and speed are important factors. 

Its category A and class 1 performance allows it to operate in the most severe conditions, even at high altitudes and in adverse weather conditions.

With these premises, the helicopter reaches a maximum speed of 310 kilometres per hour, while the cruising speed is 285 kilometres per hour. It has a climb speed of 9.8 metres per second and a service ceiling of 5,974 metres. As for its fuel range, it has a maximum range of 965 kilometres or approximately three hours.

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