About Elena-machhelicopters

Hi, I'm Elena and I'm the creative mind behind this Mach Helicopters website. My passion for the world of helicopters and everything that flies is in my blood, as I love to travel and I believe that any mode of air transport is an easy and effective way to see the world and connect people. In some of my travel adventures I've hired some scenic helicopter tours and I find them to be a perfect option for sightseeing and seeing the places from a different bird's eye view. For some years of my career I worked in an energy company and supplied aviation fuel to helicopters and was able to see this world from another point of view. It may be a somewhat unknown world in some countries to use this means of transport for passengers, but I have to say that the most special memories and the most memorable landscape images I have seen from the cabin of a helicopter. With this website I intend to convey our passion for the world of helicopters and the people who work in this company Mach Helicopters, as well as to bring the services we offer to the public, so that they can discover and enjoy wonderful places and unforgettable experiences flying in one of our helicopters. I think that life is a long journey with several stops and you choose the different destinations. Our company has the magic of being able to accompany you on this journey and take you to your destination.